We can help.

Not just on “today” issues

but for the Next Normal. 


Our Comprehensive COVID-19 Capabilities

We were one of the first firms to put together a multi-disciplinary response team and package of available services — before COVID-19 became a true crisis.  Over the past few months we have refined our offerings based on our customers’ needs — not only for today, but to help you cope with what we call, “the Next Normal.”  

We know that few law departments will be spared the impact of the current situation. Not only are legal budgets being slashed by necessity, so is the law department staff. Yet the matters that must be handled are not decreasing, in many cases, they are increasing exponentially. Because ElevateNext is affiliated with the 1,200-person global law company Elevate, the services we provide go far beyond those that traditional law firms alone can offer. Our lawyers along with our global contracts, AI, flexible staffing and project management teams are available to put your law department in the best position possible to weather this storm.

But it is not just the weathering of the storm that you should be focused on. It’s the steady state after the storm that is equally important and requires focus now.  At the same time we are helping our customers through the “urgent” front burner issues now, we are also able to help you be best prepared for when things move to the “next normal.”  Handling the “Business As Usual,” run the company, not bet the company matters is our sweet spot. Especially now, we know you need this help.

As always, our services can be billed on a fixed fee basis so the costs are predictable. Here are our COVID offerings, but if you need something not on this list, just ask:

• Litigation – affirmative or defensive arising out of COVID-related matters

• Rapid contract clause extraction (force majeure, etc) using AI technology to determine remedies or whether you may be at risk for not meeting certain obligations

• Legal analysis and advice on risk mitigation, including how to successfully invoke or defend contract cancellations

• Advice on how to renegotiate contracts in light of the current crisis, dispute avoidance and resolution efforts

•  Flexible resource staffing to supplement your needs  – a perfect solution to fill in gaps, while maintaining work flow

• Rebadging groups of employees to eliminate overhead cost but maintain expertise and ability to handle matters

Contact Nicole or Pat to learn more about how we can help you navigate this crisis and advise you on how to best prepare for the next normal.


As with anything new, there are bound to be questions. The more people question, the more we shatter the status quo. Fire away.