Education is the most powerful means by which change can be made in the world.

Modernizing your law department is a good first step towards change. 


 At ElevateNext, legal and litigation management means controlling costs and triaging resources while simultaneously achieving superior results.  Our experienced attorneys and consultants have learned from decades of experience that these are collectively achievable goals.

We know that the pressure on higher education to reduce costs is nothing new.  What is new is that this pressure has accelerated dramatically. COVID-19 is creating significant new work volumes at the same time the resulting financial pressure is causing unprecedented pressure to reduce spend. Time and again, traditional law firms have proven themselves unable to meet the need to control costs, let alone while delivering superior results in a highly litigious environment.

In both the short and long-term, law departments must use technology and other tools to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. And the spend on outside counsel must decrease in both mission-distracting and lengthy and expensive litigation. To help you do this, we have chosen to focus on legal and litigation management. Our higher education team is led by Phil Harris. Phil has 30 years of leadership experience as a trustee and general counsel of a major research university. Not only has Phil seen higher education from the inside, he also is an accomplished trial lawyer, having spent years as a partner in large law firms. His blend of experiences make him uniquely qualified to work with higher education law departments in meeting these challenges.

Our experienced team of lawyers works closely with our affiliated global law company Elevate to deliver a variety of cost saving products and services — contract review, technology, AI, flexible staffing and managed services — that will transform your law department’s operations. Unlike traditional  law firms, ElevateNext has the ability to turn to Elevate so together, we can substantially lower your legal spend and increase the efficiency of the department.  And unlike traditional consulting firms, the services that we offer may be provided under the attorney-client privilege.

Here are some examples of ways we can help:

  • Analyze your legal function to determine ways to improve your operational efficiency
  • Review your litigation and risk profile against industry standards to advise how to mitigate and defend claims before they are filed
  • Develop and implement a plan for the early resolution of claims
  • Use technology to lower costs in the contract review and negotiation process
  • Advise how to enhance practice management in your department, including in work triage, utilization, and management of outside counsel
  • Handle the defense of repetitive claims
  • Handle affirmative litigation to recover money
  • Enhance your department’s role in the mitigation of enterprise risk
  • Manage litigation, including COVID-19-related refund litigation as well as “business as usual” matters

Contact Phil Harris to discuss how we can help you in a way that other law and consulting firms cannot.


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