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Salvador Carranza


Education & Other Stuff

  • J.D. – University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • B.A., Broadcast Journalism & Political Science – University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
  • Admitted: Illinois/Wisconsin; United States District Court for Northern District of Illinois, Eastern District of Wisconsin; Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

By Salvador Carranza

In my pursuit for success I often reflect on a famous Rockefeller notion: “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” Defining success and the difference between good and great is the tricky part. It is in fact such a nebulous concept that thousands of books have been written on the subject: how to find, create and sustain…. it. Whatever it may be.

In the changing legal world, success is no less murky. Is it winning a trial but spending more on representation than the entire legal matter was worth? Is it hiring the most talented in-house counsel only to have them spend all their time distributing work to outside counsel? Is it zealously defending large dockets of litigation but failing to consider an alternative to avoid the docket in the first place? Is success simply hiring the “smartest,” “celebrated,” “conventional” lawyer available?

I have spent my career working for traditional law firms representing clients of all types and sizes. Those firms and others like them have forged their place in the legal landscape. But they often fixate on having great legal acumen or on being the “smartest,” “celebrated,” “conventional” lawyer at the expense of the business relationship that customers crave.

Within the constructs of a traditional law firm, I attempted to meld the legal acumen and rise to customers’ expectations by espousing what I believed was my core job: “Make the customer look great internally and externally.” I did this by focusing on efficiency, quality, and outcome. But the ingrained constructs of my traditional workplaces and their inability to nimbly adapt often limited my capacity to achieve all three objectives.

That is why in today’s changing legal landscape, working with lawyers that can adapt, and, as critically, help you adapt to find success that allows and expects great efficiency, quality, and outcome, is as important as finding the “right” attorney to represent you in any given legal matter.

In joining the ElevateNext team, I bring 11 years of experience in a wide variety of complex commercial litigation matters, including mass tort, product liability, software-related breach of contract, and shareholder dispute litigation. I have successfully represented customersof all sizes in federal and state courts across the country, with trial and arbitration experience in both Illinois and Wisconsin. I also counsel customers on cybersecurity and data privacy compliance and litigation. I am confident that my legal experience and customer-centric focus, coupled with my dynamic colleagues at Elevate and ElevateNext will provide customers with an experience that allows for great instead of just good.

What Nicole Auerbach and Pat Lamb Say About Sal

There are two words (maybe one, since they are hyphenated) that best epitomize Sal: go-getter. In fact, “go-getter on steroids” is probably more accurate. Though Sal comes from a traditional law firm background, there is nothing traditional about him. Not the way he thinks, not the way he works, and not the way he dreams. And boy does he dream. From the moment he joined Elevate to further expand the ElevateNext business line, he has not sat still for a second. He is constantly thinking about ways to improve the delivery of law, to show people the benefits their businesses would receive from the ElevateNext approach, and to provide outcomes with more efficiency and more value for our customers. Sal infuses energy into all he does and to all those he comes into contact with. The trick for us will be keeping pace with him. It’s unlikely, but we are determined to try.


About Me

  • Born in Scotland, lived in Mexico, Wisconsin raised
  • Diehard Badger, Packer, Cubs, USA Soccer Fan
  • Love to Snowboard. Hate the Winter.
  • Wanderlust for all things travel and the beauty of the world
  • Proud Bookworm. Love to read anything and everything I can get my hands on

Awards, Certifications and Affiliations

  • Elevate Diversity & Inclusion Initiative, Synergy Member & U.S. Co-chair

  • Hispanic National Bar Association 2018 Top Lawyers Under 40

  • Chicago Scholars 2017 “35 under 35” making an impact in their community
  • International Association of Privacy Professionals – US Law Certified
  • Hispanic National Bar Association
  • International Association of Privacy Professionals
  • Director – Reading in Motion: Non-profit focused on getting every student reading at grade level or above in their early years through an innovative curriculum taught in both English and Spanish.