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Teri Jeffries

Commercial Attorney

Education & Other Stuff

  • Bachelor’s Degree 1993, magna cum laude – Liberal Arts and Education, California State University
  • Master’s Degree 1997- Curriculum and Instruction, California State University
  • Juris Doctor 2007- Santa Barbara College of Law

I have always been a curious person, passionate about learning, and prone to thinking in a unique way. My mantra has always been “It’s not too late.” When someone states to me that they wish they would have done something, I always say “It’s not too late!”  In my late twenties, I thought “It’s not too late to finish my education”, and I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Education, and my master’s in Curriculum and Instruction.  I had the privilege of being a middle school teacher for ten years.  This was truly the most rewarding profession as I was given the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of children.

Maintaining my mantra, my second goal was to attend law school, so, after 10 years of teaching and moving to Santa Barbara, I decided to go to law school in my 40s, because “It was not too late!” Believe me, that accelerated my passion for learning and my curious nature.  I became an attorney in California in 2008. 

My legal career has taken many different paths, providing me with a broad spectrum of experience.  In my first year as an attorney, I started down the path of litigation, but I realized shortly thereafter, I wanted to assist clients in a different way, so I started my own practice to provide unique, client-focused corporate and business legal services.

Six years later, my husband and I left California and went to Texas for a few years, and then took a year off to travel the United States in an RV (which was incredible).  We arrived in Arizona, and I was fortunate to work for Elevate Services reviewing and negotiating contracts and drafting procedures, playbooks, and other improvements. We worked as a team to improve processes.  

I then had the opportunity to become the first and only in-house General Counsel for a large, multi-state construction company, with 1,700 employees.  As the company’s first in-house counsel,  my working environment was a blank slate; therefore, I set out to develop compliance programs,  policies, procedures, draft, review and negotiate countless contracts, assist with the restructuring of shareholder and corporate bylaws, overseeing insurance, workers compensation, property, and personal injury claims, as well as, on a daily basis, handle just about every legal concept imaginable from employment to real estate matters, as well as manage contract administration staff. 

After a few years as General Counsel, I realized what I truly enjoy is working with clients to provide a cost-effective resolution for their legal matters. I knew that I didn’t like solutions that operate in silos, and that I wanted to provide companies with a more efficient way to handle legal matters. I also wanted to work alongside a broad network of different-thinking attorneys whose collective goal is to achieve efficient legal solutions. 

As a result, I am privileged to return to Elevate Services to work with ElevateNext, where client-centric, innovative efforts are the focus so that we can provide the best legal services available in a progressive, efficacious manner.

About me:

  • I am an avid Fly fisherman! I love to be on the river casting my rod and reeling in trout! I always strive to reel in bigger fish than my husband too.
  • Love to travel to ancient places to study cultures of the past. China and Greece being some of my favorites. Well, I love to travel anywhere too.
  • I love baseball. Being raised in Southern California, I am a loyal Dodgers fan.
  • Enjoy good wine, likely due to living in Napa, and learning to appreciate wines there.
  • I love cycling and hiking (that is not too difficult).
  • I love to serve in my community. My husband and I serve monthly at various locations, through the REACH program at our church, including women’s shelters, homeless centers, and Veterans’ assistance programs. 

Bar Admission and Other Experience:

  • A teacher from 1993-2003 California
  • Admitted to Practice Law in California 2008
  • Admitted to In-House Statute in Arizona 2019