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Curious about what we are doing? Have a few questions or suggestions (any are welcome).  Ready to tackle your Business As Usual stuff?  Call, email or Zoom. Who ever thought we’d say THAT?


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Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions. (Although posting the answers may result in the questions not being asked so frequently. In which case, maybe we will change this header to AQs one day.)

Our Main Office

218 N. Jefferson St., Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60661


Jefferson Fulton Building
218 N Jefferson St, Chicago, IL 60661

Our Main Office

218 N. Jefferson St., Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60661


There is no such thing as a stupid question. Actually, there is, but we have not included them here. 

Q: If we are a law firm and ElevateNext is a law firm, aren't we competitors?

Only if you live in yesterday’s world.  We focus on the routine, the un-special, the low value stuff that most law firms would prefer not to handle. As you know, Elevate works with many of the top law firms in the world. We don’t see ElevateNext as competing with traditional law firms, we see ourselves as a complement to them. Andy anyway, there are so many special matters around that we have a feeling you are plenty busy.

Q: Do I get multiple bills or have to have different engagement letters if my issue will involve both ElevateNext and Elevate?

Do you want separate invoices and engagement letters? Done. Or do you want a seamless arrangement with one engagement letter and a single monthly invoice? Done. Our goal is to accommodate you. Your choice. We’re here to delight you.

Q: What if we already use Elevate for work in our law department. Why would we need ElevateNext?

First. Bravo on using Elevate.  Secon, if your in-house staff is handling routine matters that touch on the practice of law — like responding to subpoenas or handling pre-litigation matters, we can likely add value. If you have portfolios of matters that are costing too much, not being handled efficiently, or have inconsistent outcomes, that’s also where ElevateNext is ideal.  Truth be told, you might not need to use ElevateNext. But we think you will want to.

Q: Can't I just use one of my existing firms with Elevate instead of using ElevateNext?

You certainly can. In deciding whether that outcome makes sense, ask yourself whether your existing firm will work seamlessly with Elevate to maximize the return to the law department. If it does, you’re good to go.

Q: What if I use another law company or a bunch of different service providers I like. Can I use ElevateNext with them?

Of course you can.  As we said, we play well with others. We have chosen to align with Elevate Services because we believe they are the most effective law company whose mission and people are sympatico with us. But if you are satisfied with your current providers and need an enlightened law firm to work with them, we can do so.