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There is Love in evoLution. We love helpings our clients evolve.

About Our Services

ElevateNext is a WBENC certified majority woman-owned firm that serves as the practice of law capability for the award-winning global law company, Elevate Services. Together we provide customers with aligned end-to-end solutions.  A novel approach for a service industry not exactly known for being novel. 

Our offering (law firm + law company) was specifically designed to meet the modern needs of our customers who must do more with less and who have determined that using traditional outside counsel or handling routine work in-house is no longer ideal for a number of reasons.

Rather than taking the “we do everything” approach, ElevateNext specializes in handling “business as usual” portfolios that are run-the-company, not bet-the-company matters. Uniquely with Elevate, we are able to blend high-quality legal expertise with people/process/technology to significantly lower legal spend and substantially increase efficiency, without compromising outcomes. In addition to lowering costs, our goal is to free up in-house staff to focus on higher value endeavors.

We understand the importance of budget certainty for the law department, and are honored to have been named one of the “Best Firms at Alternative Fee Arrangements” by BTI Consulting in June 2020. 

How can we help? Here are some examples of what we can do for law departments and law firms: 

Launching Corporations

We handle corporate entity formation and all of the ancillary services that go hand in hand with lift off, like drating bylaws, Board resoultions, shareholder agreements and the like. We have teams who are adept at navigating the bureaucratic red tape to get your company launched and underway at lower cost and faster speed than traditional firms. That’s true planet alignment.

Litigation portfolios

Litigation is never fun, even if you win after the long slog fest. We are especially good at handling matters that were previously spread across multiple firms in multiple jurisdictions. We design a consistent process and playbook for handling the matters, and only utilize solo practitioners or small local counsel firms for work that has to be done locally. We use AI and automation to drive efficiency where appropriate,  and use the right level professionals at the right time to lower fees while still delivering great outcomes.

We litigate matters in federal and state courts, and in arbitrations and mediations across the country. We refuse to boil the ocean to make a cup of tea. Our track record shows a substantial reduction in both the fees incurred and the time to resolution for portfolios we handle, including,  breach of contract matters, product liability portfolios, vendor or customer disputes, employment litigation, and pre-litigation matters.

And we turn to Elevate’s E-Discovery/Document Review group to lower the cost of the most expensive phase of litigation, discovery.

iNternal Investigations

Our experience runs the gamut of high-profile, headline grabbing investigations to sexual harassment, hostile work environment, employee misconduct, hotline complaints and financial misconduct. We follow a set process to quickly and discreetly handle witness interviews, forensic analysis or document review as needed,  memorialize our findings in a privileged report, and advise the law department, C-suite and/or Board of our findings.



We use AI to develop Early Case Assessment and Settlement Protocols so you  know which cases should be settled early, and at what time and amount. We can also act as settlement counsel on all of your matters. When your settlement efforts are handled by a different team than the one handling the litigation, you get an objective perspective not mired in the weeds of the case.  Using Elevate’s document review team, we can quickly digest a subset of the case documents to help assess the strength of your position and advise you accordingly. We successfully settle cases using our ECA and settlement protocols before you spend thousands in unnecessary litigation fees. 

Subpoenas & Law Enforcement inquiries

One of our goals is to free up much-needed time for your staff.  It is rarely the highest and best use of an in-house team to spend time responding to routine law enforcement inquiries or third-party subpoenas.  Coupled with technology, process management and a global team, we cost-effectively and efficiently take over this task for you. We even recover costs in jurisdictions where this is allowed.

Expert Counsel 

Expert discovery typically comes at the tail end or on the heels of fact discovery when your primary law firm is focused on dispositive motions. But the effective use of experts requires months of pre-planning. We have extensive experience identifying and vetting experts, working with them on expert reports, preparing them for depositions, preparing for or taking counter-expert depositions and drafting and responding to Daubert motions. Best of all, we play well with others, including your primary law firm, and can handle this phase of any case (or portfolio of cases) with budget certainty.

So Much More

You may have routine issues that we have not expressly addressed on our website. That doesn’t mean we can’t help. The beauty of being a law firm backed by a full-service law company like Elevate is that we can apply our experience and expertise to design the solution you need.  The best thing to ask yourself is — what is my staff spending time on that is just not adding value/ or what group of matters currently being handled by traditional outside counsel should be handled better and for less. If you have a need we haven’t mentioned, or simply wonder if someone could do x, just holler. We’re at your service.