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There is Love in evoLution. We love helping our clients evolve.

ElevateNext is a certified majority-woman owned law firm. Our affiliation with Elevate is a unique differentiator in the marketplace. This combination allows us to work with a global team of professionals to apply the most cutting-edge technology and processes to our matters. Our offering (law firm + law company) was specifically designed to meet the modern needs of our customers who must do more with less and who have determined that using traditional outside counsel or handling routine work in-house is no longer ideal.  

We start with senior,  experienced lawyers who have been there, done that. We add junior attorneys and paralegals with the right subject matter expertise. We then bring in professionals with whatever additional skillsets are needed to obtain the right outcomes at the right price. Those other professionals may be legal process engineers who develop playbooks and Standard Operating Procedures so matters are handled consistently regardless of the jurisdiction at issue, or data scientists to gather metrics that help us spot patterns or trends to improve our service or help you prevent problems from recurring. We often add legal specialists who cost-effectively handle the day-to-day work at reasonable prices with oversight and escalation to our lawyers.  Power all of that with Elevate’s technology so we can automate, report and you can access your matters in real-time. A novel approach for an industry not exactly known for being so novel. 

Rather than taking the “we do everything” approach, ElevateNext specializes in handling “business as usual” portfolios in a cost-effective, efficient manner so we can reduce your legal spend by up to 20% and deliver faster, better outcomes. 

We understand the importance of budget-certainty and are honored to have been named one of the “Best Firms at AFAs” by BTI Consulting . We were also named one of the Best Law Firms in Commercial Litigation by U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers for 2021 and 2022. 

How can we help? Here are some examples of what we do:

Subpoenas & Law Enforcement requests 

One of our goals is to free up much-needed time for your staff.  It is rarely the highest and best use of an in-house team to spend time responding to routine law enforcement requests,  third-party subpoenas or routine employment requests.  Our lawyer-led, technology-enabled turnkey solution enables us to take the entire process, from intake to production off of your plate, while also recovering costs typically left on the table.

We are well-versed in building large, dedicated teams (including those needing multiple language capabilities) for law enforcement operations and subpoena/employment response work. We currently have large teams handling this work for high-profile customers where security is paramount.  

Litigation portfolios 

Litigation is rarely fun, even if you win. We are especially good at handling high volume matters that were previously handled in-house or spread across multiple firms in areas such as:  breach of contract, employment disputes, consumer complaints, pro se litigation (including for companies targeted by FairShake), and pre-litigation disputes. 

We litigate matters in federal and state courts in the U.S., and handle arbitrations across the country.  Our track record shows a substantial reduction in the fees incurred across portfolios, as well as a reduction in the time to resolution for matters.  Where needed, we turn to Elevate’s eDiscovery group to lower the cost of the most expensive phase of litigation, discovery.

On all matters, we design processes and playbooks for consistent results. We use AI and technology to drive efficiency,  and use the right level professionals at the right time to lower fees while still delivering great outcomes. We also use data science to help improve outcomes and identify root causes so we can not only solve your issue today, but prevent it from occurring tomorrow.


There seem to be so many privacy regulations these days that keeping track of them and making sure your company is in compliance is a full-time job itself. We can help organizations address the exploding patchwork of global regulations with a turnkey solution that starts with a gap analysis, identifies solutions, and continues to ongoing support. Specific areas in which we can assist include DSAR response, data mapping, DPA review and remediation, and SCC remediation, just to name a few.


 We review all types of communications — consumer-facing, market/investor-facing or internal, and assess for compliance with applicable regulatory standards. We can do this on either an aggregate (e.g., email surveillance) or flow-through (e.g., marketing materials) basis.  We also design and then lead routine ethics/conduct disclosure and approval processes as a managed service (e.g., conflicts of interest, gifts and entertainment and political contributions). Finally, we provide monthly regulatory monitoring of proposed and enacted legislation impacting your business, replete with analysis of what it means for you and your team.

Launching Corporations

We handle corporate entity formation and all of the ancillary services that go hand in hand with lift off, like drating bylaws, Board resoultions, shareholder agreements and the like. We have teams who are adept at navigating the bureaucratic red tape to get your company launched and underway at lower cost and faster speed than traditional firms. That’s true planet alignment.

iNternal Investigations

Our experience runs the gamut of high-profile, headline grabbing investigations to sexual harassment, hostile work environment, employee misconduct, hotline complaints and financial misconduct. We follow a set process to quickly and discreetly handle witness interviews, forensic analysis or document review as needed,  memorialize our findings in a privileged report, and advise the law department, C-suite and/or Board of our findings.


So Much More

You may have routine issues that we have not expressly addressed on our website. That doesn’t mean we can’t help. The beauty of being a law firm backed by a full-service law company like Elevate is that we can apply our experience and expertise to design the solution you need.  Do you want to free up in-house staff time, lower costs, drive more efficiency, move to AFAs, or get faster and better outcomes?  If you have a need we haven’t mentioned, or simply wonder if someone could do x, just holler. We’re at your service.