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There is Love in evoLution. We love helpings our clients evolve.

About Our Services

ElevateNext is a majority woman-owned, new model law firm that sits alongside the award-winning, global full-service law company, Elevate Services. Together we provide customers with aligned end-to-end solutions to law department problems.  Yup. A novel approach for a service industry not exactly known for being novel.  This “elevated” combination gives customers a single place to go for solutions that require the practice of law (ElevateNext) and expertise in technology and automation, process efficiency, operations, consulting, with resources across the globe (Elevate Services).  Law Firm + Law Company + Law Department. (Have we drilled that formula in enough?) Here are some examples of what we can do for you:


Together, ElevateNext + Elevate Services give clients the ability to accomplish their moonshots – drastically reducing their legal spend while increasing their law department efficiency and not compromising the quality of their outcomes. The Univar Moonshot Project is a great example – committing to reduce legal spend by 50%. In all moonshot work, ElevateNext and Elevate take a substantial portion of our compensation as a percentage of the savings. That’s true planet alignment.

Cases & Matters

Though we live for moonshots, we are also grounded enough on this planet to know that one of the best ways to provide value for law departments is to effectively handle portfolios or even one-off cases or matters. We do so using the fixed fee model we created and mastered when we built Valorem Law Group.

We are happy to work with enlightened law firms as well. If you have a piece of a matter or portfolio (factual analysis, doc review or drafting and responding to pleadings) that could be done more efficiently and less expensively, we will happily work with you to do so.


Sometimes when a trial or a deal close is fast approaching, you realize the team you have in place is not living up to your expectations.  ElevateNext is happy to swoop in with little notice to take over a case, a trial, a project or a deal. We’re also just as good at joining  rather than replacing the existing team, as a full swoop might not make sense in every situation.  All of our work can be priced on a fixed fee basis to provide budget certainty.

Coordinating Counsel

We have extensive experience overseeing outside counsel nationally and regionally. This frees up the time spent on management by our in-house customers so they can focus on things more valuable to the company. Our work starts with creating a coordinating counsel strategy with our customers to address their goals. We then work with the outside firms to achieve those goals, including adhering to budgets, which results in cost-savings, efficiency and better outcomes. We perform this work on a fixed fee basis.

Discovery Counsel

We also work on discrete aspects of cases, including serving as discovery counsel. We do so in a very cost-effective manner since we can utilize Elevate Services’ e-discovery capabilities to collect, review and produce documents, while we analyze and assess the impact of the facts contained in the documents on the case.  We can prepare witness files, deposition outlines and handle discovery responses and related motion practice far more cost effectively than traditional law firms, and with more “real legal analysis” than e-discovery vendors.

Expert Counsel 

Expert discovery typically comes at the tail end or on the heels of fact discovery when your primary law firm is focused on dispositive motions. But the effective use of experts requires months of pre-planning. We have extensive experience identifying and vetting experts, working with them on expert reports, preparing them for depositions, preparing for or taking counter-expert depositions and drafting and responding to Daubert motions. Best of all, we play well with others, including your primary law firm, and can handle this phase of any case (or portfolio of cases) with budget certainty.

Handling Subpoenas

Our goal is to free up much-needed time for our law department customers. It is rarely the highest and best use of an in-house team member to respond to third-party subpoenas.  Coupled with technology and process management from Elevate, we cost-effectively and efficiently can take over this task for you.

Anything Else

Sometimes, your problems are not amenable to the off-the-shelf offerings of others. Sometimes you just need practical lawyers to consult with. The beauty of being a new model law firm that is complimented by a full-service law company like Elevate is that we can apply our creativity and solutions expertise to design whatever you need. Nothing less, but also nothing more than is necessary. If you need something we haven’t mentioned, or simply wonder if someone could do x, just ask. Although we love moonshots, we’re good with long shots as well.