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The Core Team & Others

We purposely designed ElevateNext to have only a small core of  lawyers and paralegals (many with years of BigLaw and/or senior in-house experience) so that we could eliminate unnecessary overhead of keeping a large bench at the ready. Where we need to expand for matters, we look to the global bench of Elevate for other lawyers, paralegals, project managers, data scientists and more. This keeps our fees substantially lower than traditional law. 

 Who are we? We are strategists,  advocates, consultants, advisors, apple-cart upsetters, parents, friends, rebels, dreamers and achievers. (Often not in that order.) We design, engineer, brainstorm, collaborate, slay dragons, do more with less, think differently, and challenge the status quo.  Every. Day. 

* Please note that some of our team members are employees of Elevate.



Nicole Nehama Auerbach

J’Aimee Crockett

Patrick J. Lamb

Kehinde Durowade

Jana Somolova

Alexandra Angel

Melissa O’Rourke

Stephany Musil

Courtney Chayka

Our bench…way too many people to fit on this page.