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If we can put a man on the moon, why can’t we solve the problems law departments have?


July 20, 1969. That day, the world watched, transfixed, as Neil Armstrong (who was actually Nicole’s neighbor – ask her about the “moon rock” story) became the first person to walk on the moon. That day has become the benchmark for doing great things—“If we can put a man on the moon, why can’t we do x?”

But the more important date may have been May 25, 1961. That day, President Kennedy announced the goal of “landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth.”  Those words triggered one of the greatest feats of collaboration and engineering the world has ever seen.

The problems in the legal industry created by yesterday’s thinking won’t be solved by that same thinking. We all know that solutions to problems are rarely serendipitous; they do not come about as a result of hope.  Goals must be identified and better solutions must be designed and engineered, through process design  and discipline.

Day-to-day matters, lower value but high volume things don’t necessary require rocket science to solve. They require dedicated thinking about doing things faster, better and less expensively.  That’s what ElevateNext + Elevate Services are all about.  We have set our sights on you. Your routine problems are our moonshot (at least to begin with. Saturn is next. Who doesn’t love rings?).


As with anything new, there are bound to be questions. The more people question, the more we shatter the status quo. Fire away.