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Got some heavy lifting?

Let us design a process and do it better, faster and more cost-effectively for you. 

We used to say, “The legal market is changing.” Truth is, it has already changed and will continue to do so faster than ever. We know that what in-house departments need today are things that traditional law firms alone cannot effectively offer — the practice of law coupled with technology, legal operations, project management, process design, flexible staffing, consulting and readily available global personnel at a reasonable cost.  Law departments need to do more with less. Those are words we love. 

Previously, law departments had only two choices — handle it in-house or send it to outside counsel. Today, with so many legal budgets and headcounts being cut,  law departments need to use whatever resource provides the most efficient, best-valued solution. Especially for Business As Usual matters,  even if they were inclined to, traditional law firms don’t have the ability to provide workable BAU solutions at reasonable prices.

Our Why:  We have made careers out of challenging the status quo; believing that what is should be much more. When we saw the market lacked a model that could give customers a one-stop solution that combined what a law firm 

can do with what a global, full-service law company can do, we created ElevateNext.  We joined forces with the best global law company so together we can handle all law department needs, including the practice of law. 

We chose to align with Elevate because of our shared mission of wanting to put a dent in the legal universe by challenging the “same old” and changing the way legal problems are analyzed and solved. Elevate is an award winning, full-service global law company with extensive experience working with law departments around the globe. ElevateNext handles all aspects of the work that involves the practice of law, including going to court, providing advice, and managing outside counsel. We bring our many years of experience working in BigLaw and/or in in-house positions, including handling matters using AFAs and providing practical, data-driven solutions to tackle routine work.  Elevate brings its expertise in tech, process, managed services, flexible staffing, data analytics, e-Discovery and document review and more, with global staff and low cost pricing. The result is an average of more than 20% savings for customers from traditional law, and better alignment and outcomes. That’s our why. What’s yours?

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