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Change is hard.

We’ve got you.

The legal market is changing.  And this time, faster than ever. Thomson Reuters and Adam Smith, Esq. project that legal service provider or “law company” revenue will mushroom from $2B in 2015 to $55B by 2025. We know that traditional law firms will be the greatest casualty of this shift. That’s because what in-house departments need today includes things that law firms alone cannot effectively offer — technology, legal operations, data analytics, project management, process design, engineering, staffing, consulting and readily available global personnel at a reasonable cost.  Law departments need law companies, and so do we.

As legal needs are becoming more global and more complex, the lines between law departments and external resources must blur.  Rather than automatically turning to outside counsel or in-house personnel, law departments must look to whatever resource provides the most efficient, best-valued solution. In so many instances, even if they were inclined to, traditional law firms don’t have the ability to provide full-service solutions at reasonable prices — unless they join forces with Elevate and ElevateNext. (Note to “englightened” law firms. We play well in the sandbox and are happy to partner up).

Our Why:  We have made careers out of challenging the status quo; believing that what is should become much more. When we saw the market lacked a model that could give customers a one-stop solution addressing both what a law firm can do and what a law company can do, we created ElevateNext.  It is a law firm that sits as close as regulations allow so together we can handle all law department needs, including the practice of law. Law Firm + Law Company + Law Department = Next Law Solution.

We chose to align with Elevate Services because of our shared mission of putting a dent in the legal universe by challenging the status quo and changing the way legal problems are analyzed and solved. Elevate is an award winning, full-service global law company with extensive experience working with law departments  and law firms of all sizes. ElevateNext handles all aspects of work that require a licensed attorney— going to court, handling trials and transactions, giving legal advice and overseeing other attorneys. Elevate Services handles everything else – tech, process, managed services, staffing, data analytics, etc.  The result – substantial cost savings for customers, engineered solutions and better alignment and outcomes.

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