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About the Greater Team

The beauty of affiliating with a full-service, global law company like Elevate, replete with a business unit devoted to “flexible lawyering and staffing services” for customers, is that our “team” is literally hundreds of lawyers and paralegals in multiple locations. This gives ElevateNext the depth of a large firm, but one that is custom-built based on the client’s specific needs.  It also means that we don’t  (and therefore, you don’t) have to factor into our prices unnecessary overhead for legions of associates, funky artwork, overpaid partners (huh? overpaid?) or redundant staff.  Our model is to have bench strength available as we need it, in multiple geographic locations and at multiple experience levels, from paralegals to senior partners, to effectively handle any matter ourselves or in collaboration with other law firms at a much lower cost, and without sacrificing quality.   Eureka, right? (Now do you get why there are a bunch of light bulbs on this page?)